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National Minimum Wage Increases Announced

The current rate for anyone aged 25+ is £7.20 per hour from 1st April 2016 which is now known as the national living wage. Following recommendations made by the Low Pay Commission, the Government has announced increases in the national minimum wage (NMW), which will take effect from October 2016. The new rates will be […]



Rental Income and Expenditure

From April 2016 the wear and tear allowance will end, to be replaced by a deduction for landlords when they actually spend the money. It remains to be seen whether the deduction for money spent will apply to all expenditure, including that on kitchen appliances such as ovens, and whether it will be subject to […]



Farmer Giles has an Agricultural Property Relief Nightmare

To an observer watching Farmer Giles as he lay in bed asleep, all was content. He dreamt of high farm yields and good output prices and a healthy bank balance, and continued low tax rates. Suddenly, he began to move uncomfortably as clearly something unsettling was happening in his dream. He soon awoke in a […]



Renewal of Tax Credits by 31 July 2014

If you are a tax credit claimant you should have received your Annual Review and Declaration from the Tax Credit Office (TCO). Unless you qualify for auto-renewal the Annual Declaration must either be completed and returned or renewed by telephoning the tax credits helpline by 31 July 2014. If you fail to do either this […]



Renewable Energy

For many years energy supply in the UK has been neglected to the point where we have, due to recent immigration, a higher level of population earlier than otherwise would have been the case. We do not use the coal we have because it is considered to be unclean fuel and we rely on oil […]