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We are a member of these organisations – but what does that mean for you?

As well as being members of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, Addison & Co is proud to be a member of its Business Advice Service. We are also associated with various organisations which provide us with a unique set of tools, resources, training and support that enable us to deliver the services and products you might expect from a top 100 accountancy firm – without paying the fees those firms require.

We are also members of BCMS Corporate an organisation that is now the UK market leader in selling businesses and generating significantly higher fees for their owners than perhaps they had hoped for, or anticipated. If you are thinking of selling your business now, or at some stage in the future, please talk to us before you do anything else!

How do you benefit from our membership of these organisations?

The standards that membership of these organisations prescribes and the ethos they engender means that we have complete commitment to encouraging our clients to take a fresh look at the way they work and what their aims and ambitions are. It’s our aim, with the help of all the resources available to us, to help you enjoy more success, see your business grow and achieve greater profitability than before.

Above all, we want to help you:

Create sustainable growth – so your turnover and profits build year on year.

Develop a thriving business – that’s a joy to work in, so you really look forward to Monday mornings!

Increase profitability – so you get more return for your efforts.

Build a happy, effective team – so that recruiting and keeping great people is easy.

Balance your work with your life – so that you, your family and your friends all benefit.

Create a business that someone wants to buy – so when the time comes, you get the best possible return for all your hard work.